On 26 Jun. 2019, president of Federal Board of Supreme Audit (FBSA) Dr.Salah N. Khalaf, met the Minister of Electricity, Dr. Luay Al-Khatib. During the meeting, they discussed matters related to the Ministry of Electricity work, the improvement of electric power production, the importance of citizen's role in rationalizing consumption of electricity, as well as the collecting debts. Besides, they discussed how to cooperate in the field of economic reform pursuant to the indicators and scientific bases, the role of Anti-Corruption Council, and the control role carried out by FBSA in undermining methods of corruption and the measures taken thereon. Al-Khatib praised FBSA role for being the only institution that has preserved its independence. The meeting was attended by the Director-General of Audit Office of Industrial Activity, Dr. Nidal Abdel-Zahra.

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