President of Commission of Integrity (CoI), and Federal Board of Supreme Audit( FBSA), Dr. Salah N. Khalaf,  initiates to present the Ministry of Culture(MoC) a gift that he had received from the president of State Audit Bureau of Qatar.

           CoI states  that ” Dr. Salah N.  Khalaf    informed the Council of Ministers on the gift details which is a precious watch (Rolex Brand), by a note addressed to the Prime Minister during his visit to the State of Qatar to sign a cooperation agreement between FBSA and State Audit Bureau of Qatar on 29-30 Apr.  of this year. “

       He pointed out that the delivering of this gift is just like what the Prime Minister (Adel Abdul Mahdi) had done, and his decision  on 7th May to hand over gifts received from foreign officials to MoC, and are considered properties  of the Iraqi state; used as required by the public interest .

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