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Assabah Aljadeed

     The president of Federal Board of Supreme Audit (FBSA) and head of Commission of Integrity (CoI) as acting, Dr. Salah  N. Khalaf, announced that, the common council for  anti- corruption achieved  investigation on the first two cases of corruption, and revealed waste of more than 20 billion dinar.

     Dr. Salah said in a press release that “the common council for anti-corruption acted and accelerated many significant cases which are available among FBSA, CoI, Judiciary, Inspector General of Ministry of Interior (MoI) and representatives of civil community, therefore, the council consultations are not considered closed but  coordinative  in order to resolve a lot of cases as soon as possible” .   

    Dr. Salah added that “the council of anti-corruption has played a major role in achieving two crucial cases, namely:- the financial grant for people affected by flood in 2014, and displaced people attacked by Islamic State (ISIS) in some governorates”, emphasizing that” without this council, the achievements will take a long time”.

   His Excellency said that “FBSA, after conducting the audits on displaced people case, discovered the existence of funds as a grant amounted one million dinar was not paid to them. Accordingly, the deficiencies were identified and the file is completed now”.