The specialized audit work team of communications affairs has studied the policy of Ministry of Communications (MoC) and its affiliates to tackle problems of executing Fiber To The Home (FTTH), in accordance with provisions of Para. (second) of Art.(6) of FBSA’s law No.(31) /2011 (amended), other in force legislations, the standards and indicators adopted in this field , as well as the information and data obtained by the Ministry of Communications (MoC)/Telecom Public Company (TPC) and Baghdad Municipality, in executing the administrative orders No.(10627) on 22/May/2018   and (11534) on 31/May 2018. Herewith, the report of audit work team includes the most conclusions and recommendations:-

Conclusions :
1- Accurate designs for location survey have not been set which led to issue more than one replacement order, as well as lack of modern data base.

2- The ministry was not successful to select the areas of executing FTTH projects, due to difficulties in most selected areas, lack of providing complete infrastructures and complexity of obtaining drill approvals that may take a long period.

3- The visions of MoC and ITPC were not successful to conduct fiber optic cable to the areas not serviced with phone network or areas contain a damage phone network per (70%) or more, as well as failure to address the case of areas preparedness for executing those projects .

4- Liquidity has been provided to the companies executing FTTH projects, according to the contract items/payment conditions regarding operational advances and tax settlement .

5- Excessiveness of granting additional periods of different FTTH projects for more than one contract without developing solutions, this matter led to the negligence of executing companies to carry out the works, then the tardiness of finishing them .

6- Although it lacks experience in these modern projects, MoC does not rely on the consulting offices for supervising the FTTH projects, consequently, a lot of problems in the workflow have raised .

7- MoC depends on subcontractors who have no experience in its projects in general and projects specialized of fiber optic cable in particular, as well as they lack adequate staff and modern equipments to carry out those works .

8- Media campaign ,its significance and the services to be provided to the citizens on FTTH projects is weak.

9- MoC’s affiliates does not comply with its modern executing services on the maps of Baghdad Municipality , and not coordinate with higher committee of services, which led to damages in services provided by them.

Recommendations :

1- The executing companies of FTTH projects should comply with contractual timings, set accurate designs and conduct location survey .

2- A new policy to select areas of executing FTTH projects should be adopted being many productive areas were not prepared to these projects .

3- MoC and TPC should have clear visions in connecting fiber optic cable to the areas which contain completed infrastructures .

4- The contract terms must be amended regarding the payment conditions of the operational advances, and reviewing the determined rates which ensure unavailability of liquidity to the contractors .

5- Solutions should be set for the problems of executing FTTH projects contracts rather than granting additional periods which led to the negligence of executing company, hence these works have delayed to be carried out .

6- The consultancy offices should be used to execute the modern projects which have not been carried out in Iraq, as well as solving the previous projects problems .

7- The subcontractors who have considerable experience, staff and modern equipments in projects of fiber optical cable should be relied on.

8- Media campaigns in the areas of executing projects must be conducted to explain the significance of these projects and services to be produced in order to avoid damages and raising awareness of the citizens on the services submitted . 

9- MTC’ affiliates should put their services methods of the executing projects on the maps of Baghdad Municipality.

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