We would like to inform you that the plant’s administration failed  to get benefit  from its strengths although it has scientific efficiency, modern productive lines, available raw material  for production and its capacity to produce different chemicals which are not produced in the public and private sectors plants for improving the economical situation. We noticed a reduction in the plant sales values for (2015, 2016, 2017, and  1st half of 2018 ), lack of adopting  market studies to prepare annual plans, as well as  inappropriateness of the    plant site in AL- Waziriya region technically, environmentally and securely regarding the activities of producing chemicals. The following are the brief of conclusions and recommendations :

  1. Conclusions :  


  • The strengths of available resources are not used to improve the economic activity, increase sales and realize profits, being one of the essential plants in producing chemicals that utilized in  extractive, industrial, agricultural process, which the state’s ministries , offices and companies in Iraq can use them.


  • The plant management was unable to realize the targeted sales values within the annual plans for (2015, 2016 and 1st half of 2018), and deviation rates were ( 94%, 97%, 78% )respectively. This indicates inaccuracy in setting those goals, and managements weakness  in marketing the production although the plant is a pioneer in producing those materials in Iraq.


  • The plant was unable to realize the targeted production quantities within annual plans for (2015, 2016, 2018) and deviation rates were (82%,29%,86% ) respectively . Besides, the plant did not produce large number of those productions despite of identifying  targeted quantities within the annual plans for (2015, 2016). This indicates the weakness of its managements to set annual plans based on studying  and analyzing all conditions such as ( machines capacity, human capacity, marketing and clients satisfaction ) . 


  • The reviews were not conducted to analyze the failure and identify the mistakes in setting annual plans and necessary procedures to correct the shortcomings in the previous plans for improving the production and increasing the weak sales rates.


  • Product protection decisions were not obtained despite availability of productive capacities for some to meet the local market for public and private sectors. This indicates the weakness in the plant management’s procedures thereon, in order to improve the plant’s economic situation.


  •  Media and publicity are weak. The social media and promotion of targeted products have not been used being specialized chemical products of specific sectors. Hence, amounts were disbursed to the visual, audio and print advertisements , however, they did not achieve its goal to raise the plant sales.  In addition, the plant did not hold introductory seminars for staff of the state's ministries and offices, and the beneficiaries from the private sector in order to improve its sales.    


  • Despite of the good outcome  of plant products in the field and industrial tests prepared by state’s offices and ministries such as (Oil, Electricity, Industry and Agriculture Ministries), however, these offices are not purchased those products permanently and continuously.
  • South Refinery Company /Ministry of Oil  has not complied with the directive issued by the Inspector-General office concerning re-contracting with  Ibn Sina Plant for supplying it with applicable liquid nitrogen for the period of 1993-2016.
  • Available productive capacities lines were not used to operate them completely. In this regard,  we have noticed decreasing the actual utilized capacities despite of its novelty.
  •  AL-Waziriya site is inappropriate  to the plant of chemicals activities, because it is located within a residential area and close to the government offices, posing a threat to the health, safety and environment. The productive lines are spread  over AL- Tarmiyah and AI-Waziriah sites, noting that Ibn-Sina plant belongs to the State Company for Mining Industries in AL-Taji which is appropriate according to the determinants  of environmental site.
  • Working staff in Diyala are not utilized due to the lack of     productive lines in the site. The total salaries for 2010 till  2018 amounted (10 088 877 488 )ID (ten billion, eighty eight million, eight hundred seventy seven thousand and four hundred eighty eight dinar), which has a negative impacts on the plant’s economic  situation.


  • The management of the plant did not form a committee of safety and professional health, contrary to the instructions of professional and health safety No. (22) /1987, because the plant uses various chemicals which affect negatively on the workers’  safety and health inside the production halls.


  • The chemical safety and security determinants are not approved to establish a store of chemicals in Al-Waziriyah,  although there are dual-use chemicals (war) about  (3,372  ton)and (260 liters), and toxic materials in store about (745kg) and (136 liters ).


  • The conditions of safety and security were not adopted in establishing the  fertilizers plant, although the novelty of production lines.


  • Unlike the determinants of environmental site, the environmental approvals  for Al-Waziriyah  site were not obtained due to non- compliance with the instructions  No.(3)/2011 of protecting and improving environment' law No.(27)/2009. These instructions include environmental determinants for establishing projects and monitoring their proper implementation and lack of supplying production halls with emission treatment system resulting from production lines.    


  •   The stores were not supplied with cooling and discharging systems, also  malfunction of cooling system in the (origin store). This effects negatively on the highly purity and concentrated   chemicals.


  •    The capital of executed projects were not recovered according to the plant's investment plans within the period specified in the feasibility studies. These projects were not contributed to raise the plant’s economic reality.


8-  Recommendations :

  • Achievable goals and plans must be set for utilizing the positive aspects of the plant after studying the reality of  the local market to improve its economic activity by increasing the sales and profits.


  • Reviews should be conducted to analyze the failure and identify the shortcomings periodically in order to set the annual plans and determine the necessary procedures to correct the errors in the previous plans for increasing the weak sales.


  • The  product protection decisions must be issued to increase the sales and improve the  plant’s economic reality .


  • The targeted advertisements should be adopted in social media. The plant shall conduct introductory seminars to the States’ ministries, offices and beneficiaries of private sector that use plant products to improve sales.   


  • The Inspectors-General offices in the Ministries of (Oil, Electricity, Industry and Agriculture) shall investigate the reasons of non purchasing the plant's products by these parties despite of approving the products success in the plant tests prepared by them. This is considered a contrary to the Council of Ministers’  decision No.(405)/2015.


  • The Inspector-General office in the Ministry of Oil shall form an investigation committee to explain the reason of non- compliance to the office's directives  by the South Refineries Company concerning the re-contracting with plant to supply liquefied nitrogen.


  • Studying the possibility of  transferring and standardizing the production lines and chemicals stores of all plant sites  to Al-Taji , because those sites are inappropriate for environmental and security work.


  • The staff working in Diyala should be utilized in other plant sites.


  • The professional safety and health committee must be formed, in executing to the instructions No.(22)/1987 to follow-up the requirements of plant’s professional safety.


  • Addressing  the offices-concerned to benefit from surplus chemicals and get rid of the damaged safely.


  •  The appropriate safety and environmental conditions must be provided in all production halls, buildings and chemicals stores, as well as  Sandwich Pennell must not be used in the civil works of plant pursuant  to the recommendations of the Ministry of Interior(MoI)/Directorate of Civil Defense.


  • Environmental approvals must be obtained and providing the necessary environment treatments for (solid, liquid, gaseous) wastes to reduce the pollution resulting from plant activities.   


 The Inspector-General office shall form an investigation committee concerning the reasons of non recovery of the capital within the period identified in the feasibility studies of executed projects in the investment plans

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