Despite of making efforts by the Ministry  of Oil (MoO)  in increasing crude oil production rates to support the national economy by developing work in the productive fields, and attaching to our report  for MoO's policy to develop extractive fields (national efforts) No. 12120 on 15 July 2016, however, the Ministry has not  set a  clear future plans for the national efforts fields affiliated with  Maysan Oil Co. for evaluation years  (2012-2017). The reason behind that is attributed to the lack of reservoir studies to cover fields  in detail which, in turn, led to decrease the production rates of these fields greatly to exceed ( 400%) during the same evaluation year . 

             Accordingly, the specialized audit team of oil affairs/ (the first team) , has studied the  MoO's policy, on developing the  national efforts fields for Maysan Oil Co. ( Al-A'mara and Al-Noor Fields)  for evaluation period (2012 -2017) pursuant to the  provisions of Para.(second) of Art. (6)/ FBSA s' law No. 31 /2011 (amended) and implementing to the administrative order  No.(5863) /18 Mar. 2018, in accordance with adopted standards and indicators  in this regard , and the  information and data obtained from MoO and its affiliates. Herewith, a report by the audit work team which includes basically the most important conclusions and recommendations :- 


1- MoO and Maysan Oil Co. ( Al-A'mara and Al-Noor oil fields) do not have a clear and developing  plan due to lack of  comprehensive , detailed  and updated reservoir  studies for both .     

2- MoO  doesn't have currently a plan to conduct  seismic survey for Al-A'mara and Al-Noor fields, by which it can find out the general characteristics of the underground layers . 

3- Lack of all lab. and field equipment at the company especially core tests and (layers surveys), which are used to collect geological and geophysical data related to the  reservoir studies. 

4- Failure to solve the problem of partial inundation of Al-Noor oil field as a result of storm-water up to date, which obstruct the operations of  developing thereon. 

5- Failure to conduct  calibrations to the meters of both fields due to lack of technical conditions for calibrating them. 

6- There are no updated systems and control rooms in the field , as the company adopts manual control system,  so, this  can threaten the  safety of workers and equipment . 

7- There is no regular burner in the oil field  which expose the workers' life to risk during inflammation, in addition to carbon  emissions . 

8- Obsolescence processing  and degassing units  in Al-Amara oil field, decrease of their capacities , as well as lack of   crude processing unit in Al-Noor field.

9- Decline the safety level in environment of Al-A'mara and Al-Noor fields, where leakage of sulfur gases has been  observed as well as an oil leakage inside degassing  stations   of both fields .   

Recommendations : 

1-Prepare detailed reservoir studies  for both oil fields  to cover all oil reservoirs in order to acquaint the situation thereon .

2- The two oil fields should be included within MoO's plans to conduct seismic surveys on both,  in order to figure out the general characteristics of the underground layers, locate hydrocarbons and identify the optimal mechanism of utilizing both  fields. 

3- Prepare plans to develop labs of Maysan Oil Co. and supply field and lab equipment that the  company needs to accomplish its work optimally.   

4- Accelerate  to  resolve the problem of partial inundation of Al-Noor oil field via coordinating with related parties (Ministry of Water Resources and  The Iraqi Marshlands Rehabilitation Center ) since it affects the development works of oil field negatively . 

5-Resolve the problem of non- calibrating  meters of both oil fields due to its  significance in financial settlement . 

6- Installing E-control Systems in the oil fields due to its extreme significance in control over critical operations of oil field . 

7- Accelerate  to  torch regular burners in both fields to  keep the workers safe . 

8- Develop the processing units and equipment of degassing for both oil fields as appropriate to productive plans as having a great role in the operations of  extractive separation. 

9- consider the workers' safety in the oil fields locations by providing them with safety equipment and requirements of preserving  environment in the work location . 

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