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 Economic feasibility of fourth gen Huawei project.

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Invitation in a one-tender manner (only offer) No. 21/2012 .



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      The specialized  work audit team of communication affairs has conducted specialized control and audit  works on (Project of Expanding Domestic Transmission Network (DWDM) contract 10 /2013), in accordance to the provisions of Art.(6) of FBSA's law No.(31)/2011 (amended), in executing administrative order No.(17784) on 27/8/2018. The report of the audit work-team, herewith, includes basically  the following :



    Domestic Transmission Network (DWDM) is considered the core pillar of the communications network in Iraq, it provides the services of data transmission in different capacities, and the responsible for transferring internet capacities from the border crossings to the switches. This network has been used by Internet Service Providers companies (ISP), mobile companies and governmental state offices, as well as the projects of Fiber To The Home (FTTH). Thus, it is considered an important structure which consists of three projects, namely ( Huawei,  Nortel, Ericsson).

     For the purpose of providing packages and high-capacities, Telecom Public Company (TPC) has expanded the projects of this network in various stages, consequently increasing capacities through infrastructures, as well as the revenues provided to the (TPC) are estimated proximately (12) billion (twelve billion dinar) monthly.     

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