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Board's Objectives

These are represented in the following

Keeping the public fund

Support of the public accountability

Enhancing economy

     Below we shall survey tasks and authorities of the Board and the scope of its control in the light of the Board by-law No. 6 of 1990 and its amendments.

A. Article 2 of the by-law explained the tasks done by the Board which are as follows :

 1.controlling and auditing accounts of parties subject to control and making sure of applying financial laws ,regulations and instructions 
2. Controlling and assessing performance 
3. Offering technical support in the audit and control fields 
4. Disseminating accounting & audit systems based on internationally approved standards 
5. Through auditing and performance assessment, uncovering evidence of corruption, fraud, wasting, mal-tackling, inefficiency in receiving, expending and dealing with public wealth 
6. investigating & informing of expending efficiency, and use of public wealth as it is officially required by the national legislative authority. 
7. All claims of corruption, fraud, wasting, bad use or inefficiency in expending or using the public fund are referred to the General Inspector of the relevant Ministries or directly to the Integrity Commission as it is deemed suitable. 
88. Imposing systems and procedures to act as a supreme audit body in Iraq.

B. The Board Specialties and Authorities

1. Checking & auditing state revenues and expenditures and all other financial obligations in a planning or taxing or expending manner. 
2. The Board has the right to be acquainted with the documents and dealings relevant to the financial control tasks be they ordinary or secretive 
3. Doing audit & control according to rules and independents standards and customary ways and methods. 
4. In case of non availability of necessary records for the Board to do audit and performance assessment, it can submit a written request to the General Inspector of the relevant Ministry which in the span of two days has to furnish the records to the Audit Board or explain the reasons that were conducive to non availability , yet in case of the Board being not convinced the whole matter is referred to the Integrity Commission. 
5. The Board has the authority to audit the secretive programs and to issue secret reports since the auditor has the proper security authorization. 
6. The Board has the authority to do financial evaluation of the state contracts


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