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Federal Board of Supreme Audit

Federal Board of Supreme Audit of Iraq is administratively and financially independent institution with a legal personality. It is the highest financial control body, which is attached to the Iraqi Council of Representatives (CoR), and represented by president of the Board or whom he may authorize. As per the provisions of its law and other laws in effect, it undertakes control over the public funds wheresoever exist by auditing the works of entities subject to the Board's control and audit across Iraq. FBSA is one of Iraq's leading institutions that is entrusted with the mission of protecting public funds, detecting acts of fraud and manipulation, combating administrative and financial corruption, and effectively contributing to the enhancement of the national economy and building a new Iraq with a governance that is based on economic and financial foundations as well as on well-established, sound, legal and scientific standards. With the aim to introduce FBSA's objectives, mandate and functions, we have the pleasure to present this introductory pamphlet as a background on the Board.

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FBSA news

News & Activiteis of Federal Board of Supreme Audit


Govermental News on the regulatory affairs.


PM Abdel Mahdi Presides Meeting of Supreme Council for Anti-Corruption

The Supreme Council for Anti-Corruption held a meeting which presided by  the Prime Minister Mr.  Adel Abdel Mahdi , and discussed  a mechanism of inspectors’ association with the Council of Ministers.


P.M. Abdul Mahdi Presides First Meeting of Supreme Council for Anti-Corruption

The  Prime Minister Mr. Adel Abdul Mahdi presided the  first session of the Supreme Council for Anti-Corruption held on 31/Dec./2018 and attended by the heads of the Public Prosecution, Judicial Supervisory Authority,


GSCOM Activates the Control Procedures on Public Funds

The Council of Ministers decided to implement the provisions of Article (12) of Law No. (31) / 2011,and specify the part who refrain from submitting


CoR Votes to Propose a Law of Abolishing Offices of IG

The Council of Representatives voted on Monday, in principle, to propose a law to abolish the offices of inspectors-general.

Journal of the Public Auditor